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Jan 20, 2018

We spoke to Hemai Parthasarathy, the Scientific Director of Breakout Labs, a fund for early stage deep tech startups to get their research out of the lab.

Hemai started out as a neuroscientist at MIT, and moved from academia to the field of publishing as the North American Editor of Nature and went on to be one of the founding editors of PLOS, building PLOS Biology and PLOS One. So as you can imagine we were keen to get Hemai's perspective on a whole host of subjects straddling academia and industry.

Hemai broke down what Breakout Labs looks for in their startups and founders, and the diverse group of startups that they have invested in so far. These include companies working in stem cell derived bone replacement, gecko inspired adhesive materials, and even renewable energy startups harnessing the power of the ocean.