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Science: Disrupt

Dec 18, 2016

This episode we chatted to Alice Bentinck Co-Founder of Code First Girls and Entrepreneur First about the importance of upskilling, flipping the perception of PhD utility, and the rise of domain specialist founders.

Dec 1, 2016

We sat down with the wonderful Dr Shafi Ahmed and Steve Dann, founders of Medical Realities, an organisation specialising in the innovation of surgical training through virtual reality, and augmented reality. We talk about the importance of transparency for the medical profession, the power of VR, and their world first...

Nov 3, 2016

This time we chatted to Michael Marshall, Co-Founder of the Merseyside Skeptic Society, and Project Director of the Good Thinking Society, on the value of effective communication, the ongoing battle against pseudoscience, and the importance of exposing yourself to disagreeable ideas.

Oct 19, 2016

We spoke to Dr Ceri Brenner, an Application Development Physicist at the STFC. Based out of Harwell, Ceri marries research with entrepreneurialism, focussing on how to spin out innovations related to the powerful lasers she works with. We chatted about the importance of flexibility in academia and what innovation...

Oct 5, 2016

We sat down with Mark Hahnel founder of Figshare - an online data sharing platform for researchers - to talk open science, founding a startup in the midst of a PhD, and the death of paper lab notebooks.