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Science: Disrupt

Aug 6, 2018

Linda Doyle takes us on a tour of the world of citizen science in this new mini-series, Citizens Disrupt.

In this episode Linda explores contributory citizen science, where the data for scientific ventures is crowdsourced. 

She speaks to:

  1. Dr Erinma Ochu, from the Univeristy of Salford, about her efforts to engage people in mathematics through botany. 
  2. Dr Martin Jones, the Deputy Head of Microscopy Prototyping at the Crick Insititute, about the etch-a-cell initiative.
  3. Dr Pinja Haikka, a theoretical physicist and (at the time of recording) the head of outreach at ScienceatHome
  4. Steven Gray, CEO of Earthwatch (Europe & Middle East), on effecting change in corporates make policies in light of new climate change data.